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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Underwater Hockey

I've been playing underwater hockey lately. The puck goes along the bottom of the pool, the sticks are about 8 inches long, and you wear a mask and fins. The picture is of my teamate Stuart. (Unfortunately, I was floating on the surface at the time.)

Unlike other sports, the goal is NOT to get the puck to the star player so that he can score. You will drown if you insist on monopolizing the puck, so everyone gets to play. (Maybe readers can suggest NBA players who should be required to come out with us.)

It's a pretty good sport, although water polo is much more fun. For some reason little kids know that when you jump in a pool you're supposed to splash around, wrestle, throw balls around, and have fun. I've never understood why grown-ups forget this and submit the the monotony of swimming laps over and over again in a laned-out pool.


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